Dave's Flooring Company™ offers our First Appointment Incentives

The focus of this is to cut down on all our driving because there are quite a few of us and the company pays for all our gas/electric, all of our maintenance, all of our repairs on the vehicles.

The company realizes that if we go out to each house twice, once to show you today's batch of in-stock items , then come back out again to show you tomorrow's batch of in-stock items, obviously we would see half as many customers, but also our vehicles, gas/electricity expenses double..  With the amount of team members, that's a lot of doubling...

The company came up with these First Appointment Incentives to obviously entice our customers to want purchase on the first appointment.

However, you are not under any obligation, it does not cost you anything for us to measure.  If you decide not to go with us, you lose absolutely nothing!

If it does work out and you do decide to pull the trigger, here are some of the incentives you will receive.


First incentive is the $444 instant rebate (not a mail in rebate)

Since the rebate is instant, there is no waiting for money to come in the mail.


An additional $200.00 Instant CASH OFF

If you're a happy at the end of the project, you agree to give Dave's Flooring Company™ a Video Testimonial.


Lifetime Installation Guarantee

We will upgrade you from a 2-year Installation Guarantee (which is already twice as long as most of the other guys give as an Installation Guarantee) to a Lifetime Installation Guarantee. We are the only company in the entire area that will give a Lifetime Installation Guarantee. Normally we charge 20% of the total value but as a first-time incentive, you the customer would get this for FREE.