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Dave's Flooring Company™ offers its very own private-labeled Floored® UNIVERSAL PLANK™ and UNIVERSAL TILE™ and is the PREFERRED CHOICE for FLOORING DESIGNS, MATERIALS and INSTALLATIONS because we provide substantial-quality products DIRECT from the BEST and MOST RECOGNIZABLE MANUFACTURERS in the flooring industry such as Shaw, Dream Weaver/Engineered Floors, Mohawk and more.

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We sell our private-label flooring and carpeting in Minnetonka, St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN

Are you searching for a unique flooring material? Look no further than Dave's Flooring Company™.  Floored® is our private label of flooring materials that you won't be able to find in retail home supply stores.  Instead, you can choose flooring from our Universal Plank and Universal Tile categories for one-of-a-kind flooring material.

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Quality Products

Dave’s Flooring Company™ offers its very own private labelled Floored® UNIVERSAL PLANK™ and UNIVERSAL TILE™.  And Is the PREFERRED CHOICE for FLOORING DESIGNS, MATERIALS, and INSTALLATIONS because we provide substantial quality products DIRECT from the BEST and MOST RECOGNIZABLE MANUFACTURERS in the flooring industry such as:

  • Shaw
  • Dream Weaver/Engineered Floors
  • Mohawk
  • and more

Discounts/Incentives, Warranties/Guarantees, and In-Stock Overstocks

Our discounts and incentives not only provide you with the BEST PRICES IN TOWN.  We also offer the MOST CONVENIENT FINANCING SOLUTIONS.

Our materials come with the LONGEST MANUFACTURER-BACKED WEAR WARRANTIES offered anywhere, as well as with the safety and security of our WORLD-FAMOUS LIFETIME INSTALLATION GUARANTEE.  So, while other companies stand behind their workmanship for merely two years, you will have the comfort of knowing that we will be there for you FOR LIFE (some restrictions apply)!

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About Flooring

Floors Serve...

A much larger purpose beyond merely providing a walking surface and a place to rest furniture.  All by itself a floor helps to create a rooms mood by adding color, depth, texture, style, personality, and increases the value of your home.  Worn carpeting becomes a gleaming new area with new hardwood.  Make a cold basement warm with resilient tile and a ground source heated floor.  Make a recreational area attractive again by adding stain proofed long wear warranty, loop or low pile carpeting with the Dave's Flooring Company™ Lifetime Installation Guarantee.  An outdated kitchen and bathroom with wood look waterproof fiber composites, which becomes the heart of the home with the installation of a radiant in-floor heating system.

A Quality Floor...

Complements a rooms décor and offers a feeling of continuity.  It provides contrast to surroundings and draws attention to your individualized components of room - either way; flooring plays a vital role in the look and feel of your home.  Few elements have this kind of impact.  Whether a couple of rooms, making like-type rooms more consistent, or an entire home.  Consider updating your floors to add some charisma.  That home that you just put on the market?

The Floor That Best Suits Your Needs...

There is a seemingly infinite number of possibilities when it comes to the flooring options.  These range from exotic hardwoods to the traditional woods, from porcelain to ceramic, to stones, indestructible planking to leather.  Linoleum to fiber composite; poly blend, nylon plush pet proof, stain proof carpeting to wool, bamboo to cork.

Materials Include:


Some of the most common types of carpet from Dave’s Flooring Company™:

  • Cut loop carpets
  • Polyester carpets
  • Loop pile carpets
  • Shag carpets
  • Frieze carpets
  • Plush pile carpets

Fiber Composites (LVP/LVT)

Eco-friendly waterproof, stain proof hard surface.  All sized wood look & feels.  Organic recycled materials.

Resilient Flooring

Long-lasting, modern, durable hard surface flooring products designed and installed with Dave's Flooring Company™ Lifetime Installation Guarantee, wear warranties from manufacturer such as Mohawk, and Shaw that are 15 to 25 years.

Rubber Composites

Recycled materials through Dave's Flooring Company™ is a great choice for your flooring needs.  Exercise areas.  Kiddos.  These are made in a wide variety of styles.


Cork is an amazing hard surface floor covering material.  It not only looks great but provides comfort underfoot and reduces noise in rooms.  AND cork is environmentally safe and friendly!  The bark from cork oak trees naturally splits every 9 to 15 years and can be harvested without harming the tree.  Cork oak trees can reach the age of 250 years old.  Cork is available from Dave's Flooring Company™ commercial overstock programs.


Bamboo is actually a grass.  It is harvested every 3 to 5 years and continues to regenerate making it an eco-friendly flooring.  Bamboo is easily identified by its distinctive grain or knuckles and is available in strips or planks.  This hard surface material has 25-year wear warranties and is backed by Dave's Flooring Company™ 25-year installation guarantee and our team of experts.

End Grains

End grain hard surface floors are composed of wood bricks.  End grain flooring through Dave's Flooring Company™ offers a luxurious floor surface.  This high-end flooring impresses even the most discriminating visitors and turns floor into a work of art.

Floor Warming Systems

Ceramic, porcelain, stone, fiber, or rubber composites are great flooring choices, but have a drawback in the cold temperatures we have in the Northland: These materials are cold on bare feet! Dave's Flooring Company™ offers an easy way to remedy this by installing a floor warming system.  A typical floor warming system consists of wires that heat up when energized like an electric blanket.  There is no better time to install this system but prior to the installation of new flooring.  And it's safe and simple.