Why You Should Refinish Your Hardwood Floors with Dave's Flooring Company™

Refinishing wood floors is an excellent way to restore floors to their original beauty.

We all know that hardwood floors can last a lifetime. However, that lifetime of beauty and enjoyment doesn't come without a little bit of work. Daily cleaning and polishing floors every few months are excellent ways to keep floors looking fresh, but there will eventually be a need to refinish your hardwood floors.

Refinishing wood floors with Dave's Flooring Company™ is a great way to extend the life of your flooring and is cheaper and more environmentally safe than a full replacement. If you're tired of the current look of your floors and want an update, you can refinish your floors to get an entirely new look with much less effort and inconvenience to you.

What is wood floor refinishing?

Refinishing hardwood floors is like giving your floor a reset. The topmost layer of a hardwood plank is the finish. This finish is a defensive barrier that protects the actual wood from damage. When you refinish a wood floor, you are completely removing your floor's finish and putting down a new layer of finish. During the sanding process, damage like minor scratches and dents can be removed as well.

How often can I refinish my floors?

Depending on a floor's thickness, a floor can be sanded around 4-6 times in its entire life. Hardwood floors can be refinished every 7-10 years, making the 4-6 refinishes more than enough.

How do I know if my floors should be refinished?

If your floors have the following issues, it's a good time to consider refinishing your hardwood floors with Dave's Flooring Company™.
• Water damage
• Major scratches, dents, or gouges
• Fading and discoloration from the sun
• Impossible to remove stains

Refinishing floors for a new look

Refinishing floors with Dave's Flooring Company™ is an excellent option for changing the color of your floors. While most refinishing jobs simply remove and replace a floor's existing finish, refinishing can also remove a floor's existing stain to capture the look of the original hardwood floor. Once a floor's stain is removed, you can refinish your floors using a variety of different types of products, depending on your preference of color, sheen and even feel.

When should I refinish my wood floors?

There really isn't a "best" time to refinish hardwood floors. If the temperature in your home is consistent (between 65-75 degrees preferred) during the refinishing job and throughout the floor's cure time, you can refinish your floors.

Summer can be a good time to refinish floors since many people take that time to leave the house for extended periods of time. Dave's Flooring Company™ will provide dust-free sanding and stains, sealers, and finishes for less inconvenience to you and a safer process. Plus, you'll be back in your home quicker.